Etz Chaim Baltimore 

An amazing resource for our community.


“Shalom Bayis 911 is an amazing resource for our community. Many times frum couples land up with their relationship not where they want it but have nowhere to go because they don’t know where to go or because they are embarrassed about it.

Shalom Bais 911 is a solution for both reasons – it more often than not speaks directly to the issue’s at hand and it’s completely private. What is amazing is that he is offering this for free. Mordecai Yacov, the founder and director is an exemplary frum Jew.

He has Yira Shomi’yim and consults Daas Torah whenever necessary. He is a world expert in this area and his experience is almost unmatched.  “

Rabbi Nitzan Bergman 

Executive Director

Rabbi Yisrael Motzen Rabbi

I truly love receiving these insightful and wise emails!


“There is nothing more tragic than the many people I encounter who desperately need to work on their relationship with their spouse but can’t seem to find the time in their busy schedules to do so.

These short nuggets are a fantastic way to get these marriages back on track. Who doesn’t have time to read a short email every day! Based on the sample emails I read as well as the numerous times I have heard you lecture, I am confident that ShalomBayis911 will not only be useful for marriages that are already in the “911 stage” but your straightforward words of wisdom will enhance the relationship of anyone who signs up for ShalomBayis911. “

Rabbi Yisrael Motzen Rabbi

Ner Tamid Greenspring Valley Synagogue

Baltimore, Maryland

Rabbi Reuvan Feinberg 

Goldmine of thoughts and ideas with straightforward practical applications


“Shalombais911 gets it! This is marital advise for people who live in the real world. Every email is a virtual goldmine of thoughts and ideas with straightforward practical applications. Reading Shalombais911 is a great way to deepen and grow ones relationship with their spouse!”

Rabbi Reuvan Feinberg

Dean, Torah Academy of Boca Rataon

Boca Raton, Florida